A bike ride along Brussel’s canal

Since the sun decided to show up in Brussels, and after a few test rides with Ruben in the bicycle trailer, we had several bike trips with the kids along the canal – a safe way to escape a little from the city centre with a flat bicycle path. Follow us towards Vilvoorde!

Kids-Friendly lunch in Brussels *La Brasserie des Etangs Mellaerts*

I don’t know about you, but on Sunday morning this autumnal weather just makes me want to go out for a walk in one of the peaceful area of Brussels that gives us, poor urbanites, the strong feeling to reconnect with the nature. Last week-end, we brought Emma to the Etangs Mellaerts, officially to feed…

The huge park of Tour & Taxis – almost there !

Last year, we discovered the urban-industrial L 28 Park and its spectacular view on Tour & Taxis, which laid out the premises of a much bigger park, the famous link between Bockstael and the canal. It had been a while since we had been there but I had heard it made good progress, and on a sunny…

Summer with kids in Brussels

Brussels is at its most beautiful in the summer. But I am not gonna explain you why you should stay in Brusssels when the damn sun deigns to show up, I already did.

A small green spot along the canal

You cannot live in Brussels and not be aware of the fact that the “Canal Zone” is in a period of tremendous change. However, the up tower is creating such a fuss that one may forget that other projects get off the ground in the area.

Balade insolite à Forest

Un matin froid mais lumineux, l’emprise des bonnes résolutions de début d’année et l’envie de découvrir un autre coin de Bruxelles : nous voici partis pour une balade en vélo jusqu’à l’abbaye de Forest ! Follow us to discover an area of Brussels which is little visited : Forest. (map included)

Le Parc du Viaduc, bulle de calme et d’oxygène

C’est en errant dans Bruxelles qu’on fait les plus belles découvertes. Pour nous, aujourd’hui, il s’agit du Parc du Viaduc, niché le long du chemin de fer, entre l’avenue de la Couronne et le quartier européen. Alors dit comme ça, c’est sûr que le calme et l’oxygène, on se les imagine avec difficulté. Et pourtant…

Un samedi matin aux étangs d’Ixelles

La journée s’annonçant caniculaire, je décide d’emmener Emma pour une petite “excursion” matinale dans un coin vert de Bruxelles que je ne fréquente plus beaucoup : les étangs d’Ixelles. Ce n’est pas à l’autre bout de la ville, mais le métro ne s’arrête pas tout près et j’ai toujours un peu de réluctance à prendre…

Brussels gets its “Line”

I was 4 months pregnant the first time I went to New York, and I hated it. Being pregnant of course, but New York as well. I guess both were linked because you cannot really enjoy the Big Apple when cosmopolitans are banished and shopping does not make sense as you are going to swell…

You don’t have to leave Brussels because it’s 30C°

30°C is not the regular summer temperature in Belgium, let alone in June. So what do we Belgian people do when Mr Meteo foresees a warm and sunny WE? We get (1) into our car and (2) stuck in the traffic jam in the direction of the coast. Well, not all of us, though.